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Thursday, June 21, 2007


Behold one and all I have returned to the blogosphere. Like Napoleon of old I have escaped from my own private Elba and I now attempt to reconquer what was mine. Hopefully this will last longer than a hundred days as I can frankly do without my own Waterloo.
Anyway soon I will once again regale you with my pointed commentary concerning the Bush administration, my madman-like rantings over the Atlanta Braves, and the countless tales of woe that together create the grand mosaic that is my life. But for now I can think of no better way to announce my return than with an addition of...

Friday Plane Porn!!!!

Today I bring you images of my favorite plane the Boeing 777-300.
The T-7 or "Triple Seven" as it is known in the biz is a long-haul twin-engine aircraft originally designed to fill the gap between the 767 and the 747. The 777 was an improvement over the 767 as while both could do trans-Atlantic hops the 767 could not do trans-Pacific routings. The 200-series entered commercial service in the early 90's and has been a tremendous success selling nearly 1,000 of the type and racking up an unprecedented safety record. (To date not one passenger has died, nor even one airframe lost for any reason. Statistically speaking there should have been a handful of incidents by now)

A few Years ago Boeing revamped the 777 program and released the 777-300 which is a stretch version of the original and has a seating capacity close to that of a 747. Which is good because Boeing can't seem to give away it's own updated 747. The 777-300 is a very long, sleek, and elegant looking aircraft and I just wanted to share it with you, enjoy.