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Saturday, September 09, 2006

University news

According to the news the alma mader (ring out ahoya!!) is mandating all students complete an alcohol course as a requirement for graduation. Thus joining some 400 other instutions of higher education doing the same. Some questions from the final...

-Beer before liquor, never been ________

-When visiting a dive bar frequented by bikers should you, or should you not order an appletini? Explain.

-After a long night of PBR and Tequila shots your roommate Brian decides that he is going to go streaking. He is quite adamant about this, and it reaches the point where only physical force will stop him. You have two items available to you; a pair of handcuffs, and a digital camera. You may only use one. Which do you use and why?

-Tom and Mary meet at a party. Mary has been there one hour and has had three 12oz. beers. Now Mary is 5'8, and 130 pounds. She had a bagel for breakfast, a granola bar around 2:00, and a large salad with Italian dressing for dinner. At this rate how many more beers will Tom have to give Mary before she agrees to go home with him?